In view of the growing global industrial refrigeration needs, TdS Refrigeration Systems GmbH (TdS) was established towards the end of 2017 in Munich, Germany. As the European subsidiary of Nakayama Engineering K.K.(Japan), we aim to introduce and install the ηmax systems for more companies outside of Japan and hope that they will not only enjoy significant energy and cost savings, but also get to play a part in creating a cleaner and greener environment.

We specialize in designing highly efficient refrigeration systems with our proprietary technology used in a wide range of applications (from cold storages to tuna blast freezers). As an extension of a family business, we hope to share our expertise and technology with the rest of the world by taking the first step venturing out of Japan.

P.S. We cannot promise to design the cheapest refrigeration system you can find on the market, but what we do promise is to provide quality tailor-made solutions for each of your refrigeration needs.

Yours as well as ours. We believe that our solutions will add value to your services and products.

Internally and externally. We strive for honest communication with colleagues, manufacturers, and clients alike. We believe strong and long-lasting business relations are first built on the foundation of positive interpersonal relationships.

We live and breathe efficiency. Our company was borne out of the desire to not only maximize the operating conditions of existing refrigeration systems, but also to consistently bring new innovation to the industry.

Franz-Joseph-Str. 11
80801 Munich, Germany

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